Sunday, June 1, 2014

TDRAMA | Pleasantly Surprised 喜歡. 一個人

(Love Myself Or You?)
Taiwanese Drama | 2014 | 24 Episodes
Romance | Food & Cooking

Du Kai Qi (Kuo Puff) is an independent, single woman who likes being alone and prefers reading comics than spending time with other people. The only other thing that she loves to do aside from reading her manga is her job as a chef at Figaro Cuisine, a fine-dining French restaurant.

Fu Zi Jie (Jasper Liu) is the second son of the rich family that owns Figaro Cuisine. He just came home from France and he is also a very talented chef. Since his parents wants him to stay in Taiwan, they convinced him to work at Figaro Cuisine. He reluctantly agreed to stay and work for a month at the restaurant, but he wants to keep his identity secret and will only work as a lowly intern.

After starting his work at Figaro Cuisine, Zi Jie found out that he knew Kai Qi when they were younger. It saddened him to see that she is now very different from the Kai Qi from his childhood because she no longer smiles and has a very cold and unfriendly personality. 

Will Zi Jie be able to convince Kai Qi to open up to people and be more friendly within a month?

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- Cast -
Puff Guo as Du Kai Qi
Jasper Liu as Fu Zi Jie
Lene Lai as Cheng Le Xuan
Jian Hong Lin as Cheng Hao Wei
Lee Shiau Shiang as Ji Yong Qian
Ba Yu as Lin Bao Zhu
Zhang Fu Jian
Mei Xian Zhi

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