Sunday, December 15, 2013

TDRAMA | Just You 就是要你愛上我

Taiwanese Drama | 2013 | 21 Episodes
Romance | Comedy | Family

Cheng Liang Liang is friendly, bubbly and pretty. She is also a bit naive and accident prone. She's renting a nice house that took her a long time to find and lives there with her goldfish, Shan Shan. She loves the house, her work, her family, her goldfish and her friends. She's really happy with her life. Plus, he friend Kate is getting engaged with their co-worker, Alex. All is happy-happy in this pink elephant's world... Until the house was foreclosed three months into her six-month contract and was immediately bought off the market by a stinky lion.

Qi Yi is handsome, intelligent and hard working. He also suffers from OCD and is a perfectionist. He is very glad to be back home. After becoming successful, he was able to buy a company, which he plans to lead into growth and expansion. Just like a lion, once he sets his path or decides on something, he never changes his mind. He was also able to buy back his old family home. He just hopes that his family will be complete again. Everything is going according to plan… Until he walks into his childhood home and found a pink elephant.

Liang Liang decided that she will not move out because she has the right to stay and live there for another three months, no matter what the new owner says. Unfortunately for her, her landlord also happens to be her new boss. He also ruined her friend Kate's engagement by banning romance and dating in office as soon as he came in on his first day at work. Determined to get even and to have the office romance ban lifted, she sets of on a hunting mission... To make the stinky lion fall in love with the pink elephant. 

Will Qi Yi fall for her trap?


- Main Cast - 
Aaron Yan as Qi Yi
Puff Kuo as Cheng Liang Liang
Dean Fujioka as Dean
Lyla Lin as Ding Jia Yu

- Extended Cast -
Katherine Wang as Kate Liang
Tang Zhen-Gang as Alex
Rim Lin as Ou Lai En
Zeng Yun Rou as Meimei
Ke Ya Xin as Shi Cui Xia
Xie Qi Wen as Li Han Po
Shen Meng Sheng as Qi Yi's father
Xie Qiong Nuan as Qi Yi's mother
Wang Dao An as Cheng Shou An
Yang Li Yin as Liao Tian Feng
Ashi Lin as Princess
Sun Peng as Ba Si
Chang Han as Jerry

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