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Meet My Girls 
(My Indulgence in Drawing and Charcoal Painting)

Drawing and the arts is a very big part of my life. The earliest childhood memory that I actually have (aside from holding my newborn sister after she and my mom came home from the hospital, I was 3 years old) is when I vandalized a children's encyclopedia with an attempt to copy one of the illustrations of a girl (I was probably about 3 1/2 years old). Not knowing how to properly hold a pencil at that time, my drawing looked like an alien of some sort.

My interest for th arts was very evident especially in my high school years. When it comes to anything artsy, you can count me in! Activities and assignments involving drawing, lettering, cut-outs, paper-mache and anything creative (except needle work!) engrossed me to the point of obsession. It is just a shame that I was not able to follow my love for the arts in college.

However, not being able to study the Fine Arts or Advertising didn't stop me. I read books, looked at illustrations and even spent hours watching artists who make portraits in shopping malls. I even interviewed these artists about what paper, pastel, brush and other materials to use. I also spent time browsing in bookstores and art supply shops to check out art materials.

Over the years, I educated myself to learn more about drawing and using other mediums. I found my true love in using charcoal. My favorite subject is the female form, especially the face.

Here are some of my very amateur works.

female profile drawn using graphite pencil
experimenting on shadows and depth (graphite and charcoal)
I learned several techniques on how to use charcoal through the many . My "specialty" is using powdered charcoal applied using a paint brush. I also use other materials to create texture including using shamis (a fabric commonly used for cleaning cars) and kneaded eraser for lifting (I will definitely blog about this "technique", so watch out for that post). Here are some works where I used these techniques.

her eyes always seem to follow you around the room
(it is actually kinda creepy at times)
I consider this my best work so far.
her face was copied from an old ad in a magazine
I later decided to draw the rest of her body nude
to learn more about proportions and form
I also tried to create a drawing of my face (a self portrait if you may), however, I was not that successful as you can see below.


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