Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Food | The Best Summer Meryenda (Snack) Ever!


Summer in the Philippines is never complete without this iced dessert. Actually, once Halo Halo stands start lining up the streets, it is officially summer time! Halo in English means "mix", which is basically what's done to all the ingredients to come up with this all time favorite dessert of many Filipinos. 

Here is a basic recipe for this cold dessert.

Halo Halo Recipe

- shaved or crushed ice
- evaporated milk
- leche flan (caramel custard / crème caramel )
- sugar
- sweet gelatin or jell-o
- macapuno (coconut jelly)
- caramelized / sweetened langka (jackfruit), shredded
- pinipig (Filipino rice crispies)
- caramelized / sweetened saging na saba (Cardava Bananas)
- caramelized / sweetened kamote (sweet potatoes)


1. Put 1-2 tbsp of all ingredients (except shaved ice, leche flan & evaporated milk) the in a tall glass or bowl. 
2. Top with shaved ice until the glass or bowl is slightly filled.
3. Add the pinipig evaporated milk and then finally top with some leche flan.

Optional or Additional Ingredients:
- strawberries, diced mango, sweetened kidney beans, garbanzos, other fruits, sweetened black turtle beans, yema (caramelized condensed milk), ice cream (to your Halo Halo super special!)

Fiesta Halo Halo
(photo from an old Chowking Ad)

TERE TEREBOL | i  delicious grub


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