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KDrama Review | I Saw ANJells, A You're Beautiful Review

Korean Drama | 2009 | 16 Episodes
Romance | Comedy | Gender Bending | Music

ANJell is a very popular idol group who's members are Hwang Tae Kyung, Kang Shin Woo and Jeremy. Their label's president, President Ahn, decided to add another member to strengthen their vocals. Tae Kyung, the group's leader, didn't like the idea that much. President Ahn is very confident of Go Mi Nam, his choice for the group's new member, because he thinks he has a lot of potential and is very talented.

Go Mi Nyeo is a nun-in-training who grew up in the convent's orphanage and has the tendency to turn benign situations into a disaster. She is Go Mi Nam's twin sister. They look alike and sound the same when they sing. Everything changed for Mi Nyeo when she agreed to pose as Mi Nam, who is one step away from his dream of becoming a famous singer but had to disappear because of a plastic surgery gone wrong. She agreed to the charade because it's her brother's greatest dream and his future fame might help them find their mother. She cut her hair, dressed as a man and joined ANJell as it's newest member, Go Mi Nam.

How does Mi Nyeo adjust to her temporary and fake male life? Can she endure living under the same roof with the other ANJell members? Will her real identity be discovered or exposed?

Mi Nyeo, I understand... My reaction will probably be worse...
There would have been some drooling going on...


Park Shin Hye
Go Mi Nyeo (Female) & Go Mi Nam (Male)
nun-to-be turned "cross-dressing" idol group member
naive, innocent and selfless
the walking danger zone with an angelic voice

"I'm looking at that star, would it be okay to like it?"

I really liked Park Shin Shin Hye in this role. Her big eyes, her clueless-ness, the deer caught in the headlights expressions and even her crying. They all got to me. Her character was also well written. It was witty and very lovable note the piggy nose scenes!. Some might say that her character can be a bit slow and immature but I don't agree because she her maturity and wisdom pops up when it matters. There's the part when she hugged Tae Kyung during the last 5 minutes of his birthday, when she confronted him about their parents' past and how it affects their relationship and her last scene with his mother. I also like that though she was posing as a dude, it was not overstated with a fake man voice or a macho attitude. I was so amused with the scenes wherein Go Mi Nam would slip and display something girl-like! There is also the undeniable chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk. It looked genuine and it worked.

Jang Geun Suk 
Hwang Tae Kyung
the brooding yet charming leader of ANJell
a little difficult but very loyal and caring

“I hereby give you permission to like me."

I didn't know how to react to him at first. I was slightly taken aback by the fashion and hairstyles that he was sporting. But that didn't last long because this drama got me and my sister hooked to Jang Geun Suk. That ultra cute smile! Who can resist that?! His reactions and expressions in earlier scenes with Park Shin Hye were hilarious. The attraction was there from the start in spite of his dislike and irritation. He was perfect for the role! Whenever he gazes at her intently or each time he says "Go Mi Nam.", it was just gooey sorry, but my vocabulary bank just can't come up with a word to describe it better other than "gooey". If you watch it, you will understand. He also did not disappoint in the drama department. He made me feel his hope and then disappointment in scenes with Tae Kyung's mother, sad when he cried on his birthday and miserable when Tae Kyung and Mi Nyeo broke up because of his mother's meddling. Let's not forget how he sang and looked for Go Mi Nyeo in the audience in the final episode… And their reunion… Oh, I have no words for how that made me feel!

Jung Yong Hwa
Kang Shin Woo
the group's gentle and silent guy
the observer and the romantic.

"There’s no such thing as a love that’s nothing.”

Seeing as Jung Yong Hwa was a newcomer in the drama scene when he join this series, he did a pretty decent job. There were some scenes that lacked something from him for his character or showed a bit of awkwardness but nothing that will put you off. I had a sad face on every time he was rejected. I wished his character clicked with Park Shin Hye's even for just a tini-tiny bit in the romance department because that might have given us something more for the story. Unfortunately, it was really one-sided. He also looked good with Park Shin Hye. I would also have liked it more if he was kinda a man's man in the story and more assertive after he sorted out his feelings for Mi Nyeo. Still, it was a good performance all around and I am willing to bet that this won't be the last that we've seen of Jung Yong Hwa when it comes to dramas.

Lee Hong Ki
the child-like and playful ANJell
clueless, silly but cute

"It’s not a crime to like someone.”

Lee Hong Ki, who, just like Jung Yong Hwa, was also a novice when it comes to the drama/series scene was surprisingly good. The scenes when he was struggling with his feelings for Mi Nam and can't believe that he crushing on a boy was very comical! His character's interest veiled as childish jealousy and animosity was a great diversity to Tae Kyung's reaction to Mi Nyeu at the beginning. He was constant in his role even when it came to being heartbroken. I liked Jeremy because he pops out when the scene got a bit heavy or serious and his ignorance of the real situation was entertaining. His outfits and hairdo also added to his overall cuteness and was such a delight. I also think he got the best wardrobe in the group.

It was awesome! You're Beautiful is a drama that I will definitely watch again. The story was well written and emotionally balanced. All the happy and sad events in the story were relevant. Yes, there were some of "that doesn't happen in real life" moments but that's the beauty of fiction for you. They were a part of the story for their entertainment value and they were not annoyingly impossible. Everything kept me interested and entertained. I like this drama not because of it's fantastic cast or the excellent music, though they were a big plus, but because I genuinely had fun watching it. The hilarity of the events that happened in the story also kept me smiling and laughing. There was just enough slapstick and exaggeration to make the whole thing so much more amusing! You're Beautiful will magically keep you glued to the screen and probably sleepless if you have the complete series. 

Expect severe withdrawal and the songs on repeat inside your head when you're done watching. 


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