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Drama Article | How do you watch your dramas?

Watching dramas may not be everyone's thing, but to those of us who really, really enjoy and love it, it is a part of everyday life. We cannot not do it because we need it. It's like brushing our teeth before bedtime or using deo or eating chocolates or ice cream or okay, enough examples.

I have been addicted to watching dramas for a while now no hope for redemption in the near future, not that I am complaining, and have also been known from time to time, to influence others into appreciating dramas just like I do. As I witnessed friends, co-workers and family members succumb to what I call the drama epidemic, I also saw many of them adopt a certain style when it comes to how they watch their drama of choice. Listed below are the very distinctive styles based on my observation.

Check which style of watching dramas you fall under and see if my list of symptoms are spot on.



Marathon Watchers will suffer through lengthy downloads or purchase DVD's or bookmark fast drama streaming websites just to watch all the episodes of their choice of drama/s. They will be immovable and will stay glued in front of their computer or TV while watching episode after episode in just one sitting. Marathon Watchers do not see the sun or surface from his or her "drama trance" until the last episode is over. They will most likely be sleep deprived, may also suffer from minor starvation and in extreme cases, poor hygiene too much watching + less bathing = stinky drama fan. They often display minimal to severe irritation or even aggression when disturbed during a really good scene or part. They will have little or no care for anything else as the real world will not exist for them until the closing credits of the last episode is over. They also prefer the uninterrupted narrative of completed dramas and will try to avoid watching dramas that are ongoing. 



Drama Stalkers will watch drama after drama as long as their favorite actor or actress is in it. They may even watch a drama even if their idol only has a cameo role. They will also stroll the internet for any news, old and new, about their favorite actor or actress, like them on Facebook and follow them on most if not all social networking sites and even join their official fan club. Drama Stalkers may also watch the actor or actress' movies, music videos and devour any related information they can find on the internet. Severe symptoms may include posting photos, gifs, videos and other information about the actor or actress and their dramas online even after several months or even years have passed. They will watch their idol's drama/s over and over again and will still have the same reaction whenever they watch their favorite scenes each time. Most Drama Stalkers also purchase and own posters, stuffed animals and other memorabilia from the drama/s of their favorite actor or actress. They are very loyal to their beloved actor/s and actress/s and will not tolerate negative comments about them, their drama or anything related to their idol from others.



Genre Prowlers will only watch dramas falling under a one particular genre or a combination of the top two on their drama genre list example: Melodrama or Romance or Melodrama with Romance. They will stick to their genre/s of choice and will most likely not divert or venture into watching others as they will have a hard time appreciating them unless perhaps forced at gunpoint. Some Genre Prowlers will even be very strict on their drama choices because they need the dramas that they will watch fit a certain criteria or have certain elements in them example: pure or innocent but clumsy female leads, excellent OST, idol group members, monarchy, etc.



Schedulers love watching currently airing or ongoing dramas. They will mark their calendars to remind themselves of the date when the next episode of the drama series that they are watching will be aired. They will also include notes regarding its expected date for upload on streaming websites or when will it be available for download. Some Schedulers may even go through every streaming website that they know to see if the episode that they are waiting for is already uploaded on date that they set on their calendars (very optimistic but not considerate). They can also be often observed to repeat earlier episodes just to satisfy their drama craving. Schedulers are also always on the look out for previews or sneak peeks on the next episode of the drama that they are watching. Some Schedulers have been know to comment on drama streaming websites demanding that they upload the next episode when in fact the episode in question is yet to be aired (perhaps they haven't heard of Google and it's usefulness when it comes to research).

Do you even understand what you're watching?
No, but it looks very sad...



An Interpreter is someone quite similar to a scheduler because drama watchers that falls under both styles can very impatient when it comes to the upcoming episodes of the dramas that they are watching. Interpreters are very adventurous and hardcore because they watch dramas as soon as the most recent episode in the series is uploaded, regardless of the absence of subtitles RAW episode uploads are just plain torture!. Some Interpreters may have some knowledge of the language spoken in the drama/s that they are watching. Most Interpreters also tend to have excellent reasoning and deduction skills because they will understand what they are watching even if it is in a foreign language. Interpreters also often go for dramas that are very popular, entertaining as well as those with great endings or cliffhangers in each episode which makes them go stir-crazy with anticipation for the next one, expect an explosion of expletives or even tears to be involved...

hmm... fast forward... no, skip that... that too... okay here we go...



A Skipper will often skip or jump parts of a drama that he or she doesn't like or enjoy and will often only watch scenes that includes their favorite characters or actors. Skippers are never without their remote controls or their fingers on their mouse or touch pads. They are also known to be speedy critics because they know right away if a scene is worth watching or if it is unnecessary for their viewing pleasure. Excellent Skippers can cut their viewing time in half or even more. Repeat watchers also often display symptoms under the skipper style because since they already watched the drama, they also skip most parts except for their favorite scenes, of course.

Why am I even watching this?



Those who fall under this style will watch dramas mostly due to the curiosity or animosity that they have on the drama itself or on a certain actor and actress in the drama (anti-fan). The dramas that Anti-Watchers go for are those that are very popular or became so because of the idol/s that they dislike. Anti-Watchers watch these dramas so that they can later rant about them all they want. They create funny but sarcastic or trashing memes or gifs from scenes in the drama/s and then post them online. Another version of the Anti-Watcher are those that watch dramas that were highly criticized and received multiple negative reviews. They are drawn to these dramas because they become so fascinated that they need to personally find out why so many people share the same bad reaction or impression. They may not like it but they will finish watching.

Okay. So that's all the drama watching styles that I know. I didn't forget anything did I? How about you? How do you watch your dramas? I'm a solid Marathon Watcher —not the stinky kind, just in case you're wondering...

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