Friday, May 31, 2013

Food | Dakot (re-Mix ni Tere B)

This is not a recipe! No cooking!

It's a mix (or a re-mix in this case). I first tasted a similar mix as an office snack in a previous job. I took note of what's in it and this is my recipe re-mix. I call it "Dakot" (translation: handful) because my brothers likes it so much that he eats it by the handful (as a midnight snack).

This is what happened when I first mixed "Dakot" at our apartment and made my brother taste it.

Kuya Aaron: "Ate, ano kinakain mo?" (Older sister, what are you eating?)
Ate Tere: "Tikman mo, masarap." (Taste it, it's good.)
Kuya Aaron (while looking at it skeptically): "May pasas?" (With raisins?)
Ate Tere: "Kainin mo na lang..." (Just eat it...)

About an hour later...

Ate Tere: "Kuya masarap ba?" (Older brother does it taste good?)
Kuya Aaron (speaks with food in his mouth): "Orgh orgh, masharaph." (Yes, it's good.)
Ate Tere (walks over to his makeshift computer station): "Ano sabi mo?" (What did you say?)

Then I stared at the almost empty bag of the re-mix... And then at my brother who smiled innocently with cereal bits around his mouth... He ate everything... 

FYI: I am the eldest. I just like calling our youngest, Aaron, kuya (older brother).


This mix can also replace your trail food staples like energy bars, biscuits, chocolate bars and chips. I made my friend Israel try it out and bring it as his trail food on his first major climb and he said that he and his companions enjoyed it a lot.


1. Cereal (1 box, 240 grams)
 You can use your favorite cereal. I suggest whole grain flakes, especially if you are planning to eat it during a climb. My personal favorite is Nestle's Fitnesse Clusters (Almonds, Honey and Almonds or Banana Nut).
→ good source of fiber, B vitamins and iron

2. Candy Coated Chocolates (40 grams)
 Nips or M&Ms! Yum!
→ sugar and some antioxidants (not much in it but it makes the mix taste oh so yummy...)

3. Cashew Nuts - chopped (40 grams)
 Other nuts will also do. Hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts .. Peanuts... (FYI: Peanuts are legumes) Salted or plain, it doesn't matter.
→ soluble dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and numerous health-promoting phyto-chemicals

4. Raisins (100 grams)
→ sugar (fructose for instant energy), rich in antioxidants, vitamin K, C, E and vitamin B

Mix everything in a zip lock bag or a light-weight container and enjoy!

Note: The total cost will be about Php 200.00. Serves 4-6 people but just 1 in my brother's case, apparently.

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